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Celebrating 100 years of Türkiye!

Türkiye Puzzle

Look no further! Our limited edition Centenary Puzzle Guide of Türkiye is made for puzzle lovers, travel enthusiasts or anyone who appreciates Türkiye’s rich culture, history and natural beauty. It’s more than just a puzzle; it’s an immersive learning experience that will help you discover the best and finest that Türkiye has to offer.

Türkiye Puzzle Guide is now available for resellers

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Puzzle & guide

A stunning 1000-piece

Puzzle of Türkiye's iconic landmarks, landscapes, and traditions. Each puzzle piece corresponds to a unique location or experience in Türkiye. Learn fascinating facts and stories about the places you're assembling, turning your puzzle into an interactive guide.

Guidebook included

Included in the box there is a compact guidebook that provides in-depth insights into each puzzle piece, enhancing your exploration of Türkiye's wonders. it's your passport to a richer understanding of every facet of this unique puzzle.

Explore the best of Türkiye

• Istanbul's majestic Hagia Sophia
• The awe-inspiring landscapes of Cappadocia
• The stanning beaches of Antalya
• The historic city of Ephesus
• The vibrant bazaars of Istanbul
• And so much more!

Türkiye - Piece by piece

Dynamic, captivating, and enlightening – a jigsaw puzzle that stands out. Introducing our limited-edition Centennial Celebration Puzzle of Türkiye, designed for puzzle aficionados, travel enthusiasts, or anyone who cherishes the rich history and diverse culture of Türkiye. Immerse yourself in the remarkable tapestry of Turkish heritage as you piece together this celebratory tribute to a century of Turkey’s existence!”

What our clients say about us

“To me, this is the perfect gift!”
“I adore the way it stimulates all my senses: the visual and tactile allure of the packaging, and the evocative sounds and scents that Türkiye invokes.”
“A premium design on the surface, and a thrilling educational expedition through the culinary wonders of Türkiye within.”

Where to purchase the Türkiye puzzle guide?

To purchase a Türkiye puzzle guide, there are a couple of convenient options available. For retailers interested in selling the puzzle guide, a form can be filled out on this website to inquire about becoming a reseller. Additionally, for travellers passing through Turkish airports, the Türkiye puzzle guide can be found in duty-free shops, providing a convenient way to pick up this engaging and informative puzzle guide while travelling to or from Turkey.

Whether you’re a local enthusiast or a visitor to the country, these options ensure you can easily acquire the Türkiye puzzle guide for an enjoyable and educational experience.

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